Standard Fall Protection Training

Overview :

Topics covered in this program include: legislation, fall arrest systems, full body harness, connector components, vertical / horizontal lifelines and specialty items. PPE is required as there is a practical component. This program has been designed by Arresting You Ltd. for employers who want a higher level of understanding for their employees. Arresting You Ltd. has been involved in Fall Protection consulting and training for over 25 years and has developed many successful programs such as the original Enform Fall Protection for Rig Work and Fall Rescue for Rig Work. Students will receive a complete theory based section covering Alberta OH&S requirements followed by a multiple choice quiz with a 70% requirement. Once theory has been completed and quiz passed, students will then inspect and don a fall protection harness with guidance from our instructors. Class will then move outside to our training compound climbing structures to complete a practical section. Our standard climbs are as follows: 1. Self Retracting Device Transfer Climb- Instructors guide students as they inspect their system, attach to it and climb a 25' ladder. They will then transfer over a platform while maintaining 100% fall protection using a second SRD, next they will proceed to descend a second ladder attaching to a third SRD to protect them wile making their way to ground level. This skill is designed to help students understand inspection and use requirements for self retracting devices and also to solidify the concept of maintaining 100% fall protection. 2. Double Leg Lanyard Climb with Work Positioning Instructors guide students as they inspect their system, attach to it and climb a ladder using a double leg lanyard for their secondary fall arrest attachment. Students will then use a short work positioning lanyard to set up a work positioning system where theoretically they could work in a hands free configuration while maintaining the use of a double leg lanyard for fall arrest. This climb is designed to show students how they can effectively use a double leg lanyard as well as how to utilize work positioning in order to maintain safety at heights in situations where both hands are needed to perform a task. 3. Vertical Fall Arrestor Climb Instructors guide students as they inspect their system, attach to it and climb ladders using both vertical rope lifelines and vertical cable lifelines. Instructors will explain in detail the recommended practices for the use of a variety of vertical lifelines. This climb is designed to give students some exposure to vertical lifeline systems and to give them some hand on experience in the mechanics of installation and use of rope and cable fall arresters. 4. Travel Restraint Installation Instructors guide students as they install a travel restraint system using a temporary anchor connector with rope and a rope grab. The system is set up to prevent students from being able to travel far enough to reach a fall hazard. This exercise is designed to help students understand the concept of a travel restraint system and also to help them understand proper use of anchor connectors and selection of anchorage. Note: These exercises may be modified in situations where students have legitimate medical limitation which would prevent them from physically completing all required tasks in a safe manner. Please discuss these limitations upon booking and privately with your instructor.

Length : 8 Hours

Start Time : 8:00 am

Certificate Info : Valid for 3 years

Student Max/Min : 15 students/10 students.