Client Testimonials

Keyspan Energy

Dear Mr. Frank Murray and Staff:

Mr. Frank Murray and his employees at "Arresting You Ltd." Are to be highly commended for their excellence in promoting fall protection awareness, training and service.

The Alberta Occupational health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code have targeted fall protection as an area in which all industries must address Mr. Murray has developed an innovative program, which is effective and relevant to all industries that deal with the issues of working at heights.

Frank's method of training delivery is based on personal experience, his passion for the reduction of this workplace hazard has filtered on down through his company. All company health and safety programs would be enhanced by the level of training and awareness that its employees would gain having had this experience.

Arresting You Ltd. is an organization that is worthy of recognition as a leader in industry for their efforts in the reduction of workplace injury.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Meston
Health and Safety Advisor
Keyspan Energy Canada
Strachan Gas Plant

Parkland Regional Safety Committee

Dear Frank:

The parkland Regional Safety Committee of the Alberta Construction Safety Association organized three events during North American Occupational Safety And Health week, from May 05 to May 11, 2003.

  1. Kick off event: a mock accident and first aid demonstration at the Oriole Park Elementary School on May 05 at Noon.
  2. Fall protection training event: a one-day training program for member companies of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, held at Arresting You on May 07.
  3. PPE Display and fashion show: held at Lindsay Thurber High School on May 09, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Members of the Parkland Regional Safety Committee will display items of PPE for students.

Your participation and the cooperation of your company helped to make this another successful safety week. We appreciate the continued support from you and your company. We hope to organize a similar event next year.

Thanks for your continuing support of safety in our community and our schools.

Thanks for a great training session. Hopefully we can do another one.

Yours in safety,

Tim Cassidy

Committee Chairman
205, 7803-50 AVE RED DEER, AB T4P 1M8


Dear Mr. Murray:

The Canadian Petroleum Safety Council would like to congratulate you as the recipient of this years Safety Award of Distinction in the Special Merit category. The award is presented annually in recognition for the outstanding contribution made to improving the safety of petroleum industry workers.

The PSC will be honoring this years Award winners at the Canadian Petroleum Industry's Annual Safety Seminar in Banff, Alberta on Friday May 5, 2000 at 8:00am. We hope that you will be able to attend and receive your award.

In additional to the award, we offer the nominees accommodation at the Banff Center for the evening of May 4, 2000. Please contact my assistant Linda Kool before April 15, 2000 regarding arrangements for attending the presentation and accommodation needs.

On behalf of the Petroleum Industry we would like to thank you for your support and contribution to safety in our industry. We look forward to seeing you at the May 5th presentations.

Canadian Petroleum Safety Council

Robert (Bob) Cunningham
Executive Director

Re: Rig Work Fall Rescue Training Advisory Committee

Item 9 - Franchising the Rig Work Fall Rescue Course

The CAODC and the committee recognized the current Arresting You Course as equivalent to the RWFR Industry Standard Course.

Imperial Oil

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent Fall Protection Training you provided for our employees and term contractors.

The professional manner in which you conducted the training can only result in a better informed and knowledgeable work force in areas where fall arrest protection is required. Hopefully this type of training will result in eliminating or reducing dramatically fall type injuries.

Your professionalism and expertise in fall protection is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Darwin Bailey, Safety Advisor
Heinz Strack, Training & Operations Integrity Coordinator

PO BOX 1020

1995 Canada Games, Grande Prairie, AB

On behalf of the Host Society of the 1995 Canada Games, I would like to thank Frank Murray for providing the confined space tripods and raising systems used as part of the special effects at the Opening and Closing ceremonies for the 1995 Canada Games held in Grande Prairie, Alberta on February 19 and March 4, 1995.

The two ceremonies were televised nationally on CBC. It was very important that the special effects worked perfectly.

It is our opinion that Frank Murray was the perfect choice for the job.

He is pleasant, knowledgeable, and works well with people under pressure. The performers were able to give their best because they felt completely protected as they were being raised or lowered during the performances.

This was a unique event. Frank Murray had the flexibility and desire to work with our creative team to smooth out any wrinkles that did occur in this rehearsal and performance process.

The result was spectacular.

It was a pleasure to work with your company. We would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.

Yours truly,


Re: Arresting You Fall Arrest Training

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the staff at Arresting You Ltd. for conducting our fall arrest training.

The two-day course covered both theoretical and practical training. It provided the staff at the Suncor South Rosevear Gas Processing Facility with a chance to experiment with a variety of new equipment and review and discuss new regulatory issues surrounding fall arrest. The practical portion of the course allowed for staff to identify areas where fall arrest equipment needed to be employed, and were instructed in its proper use.

Instructors used innovative techniques to demonstrate the ramifications of falls and the resulting forces that can be associated with falls of even the smallest magnitude. The material presented was both informative and eye opening.

Please feel free to contact me at (780) 693-7313 if you require any further information.


Terry Harder
Production technologist
Suncor Energy
Edson Area
Box 7018
Edson AB
T7E 1V3

Student Testimonials

Re: Rig Work Fall Rescue Training Course Evaluation

"Very well knowledged instructor. His knowledge of our occupation makes examples easier to relate with."

Re: Rig Work Fall Rescue Training Course Evaluation

"Good Facility, best training course I've taken".

Re: Rig Work Fall Rescue Training Course Evaluation

"A revolutionary training facility, teaching skills that have long been overlooked in the drilling industry".

Re: Rig Work Fall Protection Training Course Evaluation

"The instructor presented himself as an equal with the students".

Re: Rig Work Fall Protection Training Course Evaluation

"Instructor did an excellent job relating to the class with examples as well as relevant personal experiences".

Re: 3 Day Fall Protection (2 Days) & Rescue Program (1 Day)

"Eye opening discussions. Course should be longer. Instruction was great fun, had a great time, learned a lot. Small class was great for hands-on. World-class facility - great place to learn. Will definitely change the way I will be working in the future.

Re: Loader Operator Training Course Evaluation

" A very relaxed but serious atmosphere was presented by Frank. I believe that we all had no fear of asking questions or telling the truth about a method we had been doing wrong. No low spots. Even for an experienced operator there is still thing to learn and bad habits to fix".